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It allows you to add a slider of testimonials. You can create an attractive testimonial section for your website using this widget.

Content #

Slides: You can add any number of slides you like clicking on ADD ITEM.

  1. Content Tab
    • Name: Enter a name of the testimonial author.
    • Caption: Add caption. You can write anything like designation.
    • Message: Write a testimonial message here.
    • Image: Upload the testimonial author’s image.
  2. Style Tab
    1. Custom: Enable it to overwrite the global style. It is to style each testimonial slide differently.
      1. Background: Change the background color or image of the testimonial slide.
      2. Name Color: Change the name color of the slide.
      3. Caption Color: Change the caption color of the testimonial slide.
      4. Message Color: Change the message color of the testimonial slide.


  1. Slides Per View: Select the number of testimonial slides to show at one time, from 1 to 5.
  2. Autoplay: Choose Yes or No to rotate slides automatically.
  3. Delay: Give time for delay. This time is in milliseconds Loop: Choose Yes or No to show slides in a continuous loop.
  4. Loop: Show carousel in a continuous loop, infinitely. Yes or No
  5. Speed: Set the time it takes for the next slide to start rotating. This time is in milliseconds.
  6. Navigation: Choose to display navigation Arrows, Dots, Both or None.



  1. Alignment: Set the alignment for the slides.
  2. Layout: Choose the layout. It includes Image|Info|Message and Image & Info | Message.
    • For Image & Info|Message Layout: It takes image and info( name & caption ) as a single section.
      • Info Box Position: Set the position of infobox ( image & info)
      • Image Position: Set the position of image relative to the position of Info Box.
    • For Image|Info|Message Layout: It takes image and info(name & caption) as a different section.
      • Image Position: Set the position of the image.
      • Info Position: Set the position of info ( name & caption ).
  3. Space Between: Adjust the gap between slides.
  4. Other styling options are background, border, padding, and box-shadow.


  1. Size: Adjust the size of the image.
  2. Other styling options are margin, border, padding, and box-shadow.

Name, Caption & Message

  1. Color: Change the text color.
  2. Typography: Change the typography of text.
  3. Margin: Set the margin around the text area.


  1. Arrows
    • Left Icon & right Icon: Select icon for the arrows.
    • Size: Alter the height and width of arrows.
    • Icon Size: Increase or decrease the size of the icon used as arrows.
    • Others are border, box-shadow, color, and background.
  2. Dots
    • Color: Set the color for dots.
    • Size: Set the size of dots

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