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It is a very useful widget similar to the Icon box widget. It is generally used for listing services or features of your site or products. Under this widget, you have been given the following customization options:

Service Box with Image

Service Box with Icon

Content #

Service Box

  1. Icon Type: Choose either an icon or image.
  2. Icon: Choose an icon if icon type is an icon.
  3. Image: Select the image if icon type is an image.
  4. Caption: Enter text for caption.
  5. Title: Give a title to your service box.
  6. Description: Enter description for service box.


  1. After Caption: Enable or disable separator that appears just after the caption.
  2. After Title: Enable or disable separator that appears just after the title.
  3. If any of the above separators is enabled, you have styling options for the separator like color, style, weight, width, and margin.

Call To Action: It is for inserting a link .

  1. Type: Includes Element, text, button, icon, box, and none. Choose where to insert a link.
  2. According to the type chosen, give corresponding text or element and give your link inside Link.

Style #

Service Box

  1. Content Alignment: Set the alignment of service box to left, center or right.
  2. Other styling options for service box are border, background, and padding.

Service Box (Hover)

In this section, different options are given. Choose any option for service box hover.

  • Background, Border Color, Icon Color, icon Border Color, Caption Color, Title Color, Description Color, Call to Action Color, Call to Action background, and Call to Action Border Color.


  1. Position: Set the position of icon in the service box to left, center, and right.
  2. Vertical alignment: For the left & right icon position, set the vertical alignment of icon.
  3. Size: Increase or decrease the size of the icon container.
  4. Icon Size: Increase or decrease the size of the icon.
  5. Other styling options are color, margin, border, and background.


  1. HTML Tag: Choose HTML tag for caption.
  2. Other styling options are color, typography, margin, padding, border, and background.

Title & Description

  • Styling options similar to Caption.

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