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Show your awesome pricing plans and packages using this attractive widget. It includes many styling options.

Content #

Title & subtitle

  1. Text: Enter your text.
  2. HTML Tag: Assign HTML tag for title and subtitle.
  1. Position: Select the position of pricing. Includes above the footer or below titles.
  2. Currency: Add your required currency symbol.
  3. Price: Enter the amount or price.
  4. Discount: Enable or disable discount.
  5. Original Price: Enter the original price. Only if the discount is enabled.
  6. Duration: Enter the duration of the price. The default is /month.
  7. Duration Position: Select the position below or beside the price.



Add any number of features clicking on Add Item

  1. Text: Enter text or heading for your feature.
  2. Icon: Select the icon for your feature.
  3. Overwrite Global Style: Enable it to overwrite global style and color& icon color option is given if it is enabled.

Call To Action

  1. Type: Includes button or text.
  2. Text: Enter text for button or text type.
  3. Icon: Select Icon to insert it before or after call to action text.
  4. Icon Position: Insert icon before or after call to action text.
  5. Link: Insert a link where you want it to be redirected.
  6. Disclaimer Text: Enter the text if you want to give some disclaimer on your product plan.


  1. Style: Select the style of ribbon.
  2. Text: Enter the text of the ribbon.
  3. Position: Set the position of ribbon.
  4. Distance: Adjust the spacing of the ribbon from the text area.

Style #

Pricing Table: Padding, border, and box-shadow are available.


  1. Background, padding & margin are available for styling the header section.
  2. Title & Subtitle: Color, Typography & Margin are available for styling title and subtitle.


  1. Price/Duration Spacing: Adjust the gap between price and duration.
  2. Others are background, padding, and margin for styling the pricing section.
  3. Price: Color and Typography are available.
  4. Duration: Color, Typography, and Alignment are available.


  1. Background, padding & margin are available for styling the features section.
  2. Style: Choose a style for styling features. Includes simple, strips, and divider.
    • For simple features style: Color and Icon Color are available.
    • For divider features style: Style, color, & height for the divider and Color & icon color for features are available.
    • For Strips: Color, Icon Color & background are available for both even & odd strips.
  3. Typography: Change the typography of features text.
  4. Icon Spacing: Adjust the spacing between icon and features text.
  5. Padding: Adjust the padding of each feature.

Call To Action

  1. Background, padding & margin are available for styling the call to action section.
  2. Button: Color, Typography, padding, border, and box-shadow are given for styling the button.
  3. Disclaimer Text: Color, Typography, and margin are given.


  • Color, Typography, padding, background, and box-shadow are given for styling the ribbon.

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