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This widget allows you to add an attractive countdown timer on your site. It has unlimited features and you have the following customization options under Countdown widget.

Content #


  1. Due Date: Add your due time when your timer expires.
  2. Columns: Select the number of columns for displaying timer.
  3. Label Position: Select the position of labels of the timer.
  4. Time Settings: Toggle on or off to show or hide days/hrs/min/secs.
  5. Label Settings: Show or hide labels or give labels your custom name.

Style #

  1. Countdown: Under this option, you can set the container width of the timer and change the alignment of the timer.
  2. Item
    • Columns Gap: Increase or decrease the space( padding-right & left ) between items of the timer.
    • Rows Gap: Increase or decrease the margin-bottom of the items.
    • There are other styling options like background, padding, border & box-shadow.
  3. Time: Under this option, Typography, color & margin are given for styling time.
  4. Label: Typography, color & margin are given for styling labels.

It is shown in the image below:

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