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It allows you to add attractive and animated counter on your site. This widget includes the following customization options.

Content #


  1. Animation Duration: Set the time for the running animation to complete. It is measured in milliseconds.
  2. Content Alignment: Set the alignment to left, center or right.
  3. Icon: Choose any icon you like.
  4. Number
    • Starting Number: Set the starting number of the counter.
    • Ending Number: Set the ending number of the counter.
    • Prefix: Enter text to appear before the number, if any, such as a currency sign.
    • Postfix:  Enter text to appear after the number, if any, such as a plus sign.
  5. Title: Give a title to counter that appears below the number.

It is shown in the image below:

Style #

  1. Number: Color, Typography, and margin are given for styling number in counter.
  2. Title: Color and Typography are given for styling the title.
  3. Icon
    • Icon size: Set the size of icon.
    • Margin: Set the margin for the icon.
    • Color: Select the color and hover color of the icon.

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