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Modal Widget

It allows you to create popups that can be displayed on the click of image, icon or button or text. It includes various features.


Popup Content: It is the content that pops out whenever the modal is clicked.

  1. Type: Choose the type of popup content. It includes content, template, and video embed code.

Modal Source

  1. Alignment: Set the alignment of the modal.
  2. Type: Choose the type of modal. Includes image, text, button, and icon.
    • For icon type, select icon and adjust the size of icon.
    • For text type, enter the text.
    • For button type, give it a button text and you can insert icon before or after button text and can adjust the icon spacing.
    • For image type, upload any image and you can change its size.


Popup Content

  1. Width: Adjust the width of popup content.
  2. Typography: Change the typography of content of popup.
  3. Others are Color, background, and padding.


If Modal Source type is icon:

  • Color and Hover Color are available.


If Modal Source type is text:

  • Typography, padding, margin, and color are available.


If Modal Source type is button:

  • Typography, padding, border, box-shadow, background, and color are available.

Modal Widget
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